Welcome new MAC Members!

The Multnomah Athletic Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, is Multnomah Athletic Club’s partner in the community. Together MAF and MAC share the belief that increasing access to participation fuels possibilities! Foundation funding and volunteer energy, powered by MAC member support, enables hundreds of underserved youth in the Portland area to take part in athletics and education.

This collective effort creates a ripple effect of opportunity, access, and gratitude. As a MAC member, when you entrust MAF to invest in the community, you help others gain access to attentive adults and trained coaches, as well as inclusive play and sports. You also assist in creating opportunities through learning in the classroom and on the playing field, especially for those in underrepresented and marginalized communities.

As someone who has joined MAC in the past year, we enthusiastically welcome you!

Do you want to learn more and make an even bigger difference? Here are some ways to engage!

  • Add MAF under “My Interests” at themac.com to stay connected.
  • Follow @multnomahathleticfoundation on Instagram and Facebook, and read monthly features in The Winged M.
  • Join MAF in the energy of community impact through volunteering for grant or scholarship review teams, committees, and events.
  • Invest in the community with the annual fund drive in October, when a one-time annual contribution of $25 is added to your member account. While a single $25 contribution does not go far to fund a college education or a nonprofit organization’s athletic programming for kids, when that donation is multiplied by thousands of MAC members, it can have far-reaching impact. You are opted in, but have the option to out if you wish. Thank you in advance!

Because of you, youth get to experience the valuable life lessons that athletic participation fosters. We look forward to working with you as part of an ongoing partnership to positively impact the communities where we live.

The Board of the Multnomah Athletic Foundation