College Choice: Affordability is Critical

Written by Greg Houser, pictured above on left with brother Pete Houser on right.

College is a life-changing waypoint on the journey of life. Countless studies have shown the positive impact of higher education; conferring knowledge and enriching graduates with relatively higher incomes which altogether benefit our society. However, it is not enough to be qualified for this opportunity. Prospective college students must carefully weigh their decision on school choice not only in terms of...

Upcoming Informational Grant Events

Thinking about funding opportunities to get kids playing, participating, and moving through athletics?  Here are several ways to learn more about funding from the Multnomah Athletic Foundation. All are free sessions but require a reservation.

Jan 13th 8.30am Webinar and live Q&A:

Join us for a conversation and Q&A with Every Kid Sports.  This organization provides funding for sports...

Sponsor the Spin-A-Thon

The Spin-A-Thon is a fundraiser for the foundation that fuels access for youth to participate in athletics and education.

100% of the event proceeds go directly towards supporting and enabling access to participation in athletics and education for youth. Sponsors are our primary way to support more youth!

Sponsorship is set at five different levels. Whether you want your business to be a sponsor, you as an individual want to sponsor, or you want to get a group together to support a...

Dreams Take Flight Through Athletics

With MAC member support, MAF increasing access to sport and education

Pictured Above: Dillon Garg, Earl Martin, Kim Monahan, Xian Hartenstein

Whether it’s called movement, play, athletics, or sport, Multnomah Athletic Foundation (MAF) is committed to increasing access to participation and education for youth. Ultimately, it’s not the actual sport or even the precise skills that matter most it’s the life lessons acquired along the way that make a lasting impression.

When MAF...

2021 Fall Grant Partners

Every year we award grants in our two cycles, once in the spring and once in the fall, these are the recipients of grants in Fall of 2021.

In our fall grant cycle we are thrilled to be investing $50,000 in the incredible, passionate, and effective work in our community. These organizations inspire and enable kids to participate in athletics. On a daily basis, the individuals and volunteers at these nonprofit organizations provide access, inclusion, and opportunities for youth in athletics...

MAF Impact Award Logo

Making Sports Possible with Community Partnerships

2021 Impact Award recipient taps into the power of partnerships to connect people with physical disabilities to recreational activities.

Swimming, handcycling, and wheelchair basketball are just a few of the activities that 2021 Impact Award recipient Adaptive Sports Northwest (ASNW) offers to people with physical and visual disabilities. Through recreational and competitive sports, the organization helps its members build self-confidence, social connections, and new skills to lead a...

2021 Loprinzi Scholarship Winners

Pictured above 2021 Loprinzi recipient Abdiaziz Hussein (center) with Loprinzi Scholarship recipients, Javondre Cole (left) and Tori Lopez (right).

Each spring, students from 29 Portland-area high schools apply for the Loprinzi Scholarship, one of seven scholarships administered by the Multnomah Athletic Foundation. This $8,000 scholarship is awarded to three high school seniors who embrace the spirit of Joe Loprinzi, an athletics enthusiast and longtime MAC employee who positively...

Fay Sasser Scholarship Winners Share Aspirations and Inspirations

Pictured above Ali Gunesch, Mackenzie Parrott, and Quintana Franklin

Over the course of more than four decades, Fay Sasser welcomed everyone who arrived at MAC, from her seat at the Front Desk, with quiet professionalism and a warm smile. Her reputation for consistent and personalized service is one of the stories that inspires the current member experience. It also continues to be associated with a generous MAC employee scholarship program that annually awards $5,000 for students to use...

Partnership Propels MAC Scholar Athlete Program

Range of Experiences Bring Perspectives to Process

The MAC Scholar Athlete program has evolved over the years, responding to the needs of the students and communities it serves, but the goal remains the same. The experience accelerates the success of promising high school students by providing access to a community that enhances their developing athletic performance, offers educational opportunities, and introduces social connections.

This program is a partnership between MAC and the...

The Bud Award: Past, Present, and Future

Since 2017, the Multnomah Athletic Foundation (MAF) has been honoring the spirit of Leland “Bud” Lewis by presenting the Bud Award, which is rooted in sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and a passion for athletics. The prize is offered to community grant recipients who demonstrate those same qualities, especially those providing access and opportunities to youth from under- served communities.

Diane Lewis, daughter of Bud Lewis, believes the award is a perfect tribute to her father. “It...