Be Like Bud

The saying goes when one door closes, another door will open – that is if we look towards the future with our hearts. The Multnomah Athletic Foundation created The Bud Award in 2017. This award and its annual celebration gathering was designed to honor the contagious spirit of Bud Lewis and support youth in our community. Leland “Bud” Lewis, a long time MAC member, was an individual who loved connecting people, being active and had an infectious laugh. Each year, he worked with the foundation to select one community grant partner that exemplified sportsmanship, enthusiasm and a passion for youth athletics. Following his wishes after his death in 2021, a group of his family and friends gathered to select the recipient. Without him to make the selection in the future, the foundation asked how they could inspire others to “Be Like Bud”. What would be the best way to share his spirit and passion for community while transitioning the award into the future?

This question opened the door to find a way to focus on youth supporting youth.

By sharing the spirit of Bud, youth can be empowered to be decision makers and active philanthropists. The foundation’s Youth Grant Initiative (YGI), a program for 7th and 8th graders, seemed like the logical next step to transition the award into the future. YGI is an annual program designed to bring together a cohort for positive hands-on community impact. This young group of philanthropists dive into the world of nonprofit giving and make a difference by awarding community grants.

Starting in the fall of 2022, the YGI cohort will learn about Bud and the award’s criteria as well as how the foundation can honor donors’ intentions with contributions. The students will select the organization to receive the $2,000 award and the special recognition. They will then present the award at the annual Impact Celebration in November. All are welcome to join us as we recognize an organization focused on youth, athletic participation and giving kids a chance to Live Like Bud.

‘Be Like Bud’ can inspire us to live like Bud by enjoying people, being active and supporting community every day.

Past Recipients:

2017 – De La Salle Catholic High School

2018 – Together We Are Greater Than

2019 – Elite Sport Academy

2020 – Playworks

2021 – Active Children Portland