Scholarship Volunteer Recruitment 2023

Each spring the Multnomah Athletic Foundation has open applications for higher education scholarships. Once applications are submitted, the foundation brings together a group of dedicated volunteers to review, deliberate, and ultimately award the scholarships. These volunteers are the crux of making scholarship funding move from funder to student.

Julie Solomon, a MAC member and returning foundation scholarship volunteer, shares why she returns to read and score applications each...

2022 Bud Award

Youth engagement is the center of the foundation’s mission. We often talk about the connection through education or athletic participation. There is another program that is important to us. The Youth Grant Initiative was created six years ago to give 7th and 8th graders a hands-on experience in grantmaking. They learn about the community and the role of nonprofits while reading applications and making funding recommendation to the foundation’s board. In 2022 the Foundation made the...

2022 Impact Award Recipient

Every year the foundation supports amazing nonprofit organizations in the community. The Impact Award recognizes the efforts of one of those organizations, its talented staff, and board members as they collaborate within their community. This year the Impact Award recipient is HOLLA!

HOLLA is a mentorship movement that connects with families, administrators, teachers, and nonprofits to recognize the power and potential of Black and Brown youth. 

Their mission is to change the...

Expanding Future Possibilities Through Scholarships

We see scholarships as investments in remarkable and interesting people! A chance for us as volunteers and donors to enable futures and possibilities. In this way, we are part of the team that supports students' dreams and our community.

It is a pleasure and privilege to provide an update in the journey of several Loprinzi Scholars.

Ahliah graduated from Roosevelt High School. She is currently working on an undergraduate and graduate degree in Computer Engineering at Portland State...

Fund Drive Enables Collective Impact

Supporting youth, nonprofits, connections and communities

Pictured Above - Elite Sports Academy - PC: Andy White

Since its inception in 1991, the Multnomah Athletic Foundation (MAF) has generated opportunities for youth by supporting nonprofit organizations through grants, providing scholarships to student athletes from underrepresented communities while engaging in community outreach.

In 2021, MAF awarded 22 grants, provided 58 scholarships, and distributed $246,000 in funds to...

Listen and Learn: Title IX

50 Years of Title IX: The History, Present, and Future

Join us for our kick-off event to Multnomah Athletic Club’s newest collaboration with Sport Oregon and their SHE FLIES initiative which focuses on getting and keeping girls and women in the game. This series will provide opportunities to learn from the past and take action in the present and into the future. Each session will have a different format and you do not want to miss the experience. Everyone is welcome!

Tuesday, October...

Back to School!

One back to school tradition that we have at the foundation is supporting learning and supplying classrooms. This year we have three opportunities that we want to share!

Donors Choose gives individuals the opportunity to directly support a classroom, providing the support and supplies that teachers request to help their students thrive. Visit their website to find an initiative, project, or classroom that sparks your interest and see how you can help!Portland Backpack is a local...

Gratitude Goes Miles

Loprinzi Recipient shares perspective on why saying thank you is a must

I am a Biochemistry Student. A senior enrolled in a private college in the Pacific Northwest. I work hard. I attend classes and labs, I write papers, I am a Resident Assistant who makes sure my assigned residents have a comfortable living environment on campus. I take tests and I have notebooks full of notes and outlines. Did I say, I work hard. I do. College is hard work. There are some things that help keep my life...

Big Yard Foundation Book Drive

On June 29 a Book Drive for the Big Yard Foundation was held in the club's turnaround. Through the thoughtful donation of new or slightly used books, we added over 150 books to our grant partner's distribution for kids in the Portland area.

If you missed the drop off and want to order and send books to the foundation for the book drive, please have them sent to Multnomah Athletic Foundation at 1849 SW Salmon Street, Portland OR, 97205.

Individuals may also drop off books with At Your...

The Power of Community and Giving Back

For both Brennan and Cameron Scarlett, the Multnomah Athletic Club has been an example of the power of community. As MAC Scholar Athlete recipients in 2009 and 2013 respectively, they were awarded a complimentary two-year membership to the club, both decided to remain a part of the community and transitioned to adult members after completion of graduation. Brennan recalls the resources that opened up for him and how beneficial they were to his athletic success.

During his time at Central...