Loprinzi Scholarship Recipient Abdinasir Hussein

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Elite Runner Goes the Distance

Track and field student athlete shines in sports and academics

As a refugee from Somalia, Loprinzi Scholarship recipient Abdinasir Husseinhas overcome extraordinary challenges. Husseinspent much of his childhood in a Kenyan refugee camp, then time in Dallas, Texas and Washington state before finally landing in Portland, Oregon. During those unsettled years, the thought of attending school on a regular basis – much less college – simply seemed out of...

Loprinzi Scholarship Recipient Rasheed Tarhuni

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A Soccer Star and More

Gifted student athlete excels academically and connects with the community

A talented and accomplished soccer player, Loprinzi scholarship recipient Abdelrasheed Tarhuni also pushes himself academically, and makes connecting with the community a priority.

This past fall, Tarhunicompleted his fourth season playing on Tigard High School Men’s Varsity soccer team, which won the Three Rivers league championship for the second year in a row. He was also...

Loprinzi Scholarship Recipient Kaylee Mo

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In Pursuit of Excellence

Student athlete achieves winning results through commitment, resolve and determination

Loprinzi Scholarship recipient Kaylee Mo’s achievements can be attributed to her drive, focus and a sense of purpose, whether applied to academics, athletics or extra-curricular activities.

At Tualatin High School, Mo earned an impressive 4.48 GPA while pursuing an IB diploma candidate. And that’s just the beginning. While maintaining a high level of academic...

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Scholarship Shoutout – 2020 Houser Scholarship

Congratulations to the 2020 Houser Scholarship Recipient, Isabel Homsi!

Isabel, a dedicated scholar athlete, is graduating from Lincoln High School this spring. As a driven student and passionate athlete Isabel also has made the time to be a role model and influence in her community through various service activities and leadership roles.

Through athletics Isabel has learned the power of influence and action and how team dynamics can make or break an opportunity to succeed. Both in...

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Scholarship Shoutout – 2020 Turner Scholarship

Congratulations to the 2020 Turner Scholarship recipient, Peter Hinnen!

Peter, a full International Diploma candidate, is graduating as a valedictorian from Lincoln High School. He enjoyed also captaining the Lincoln High School boys swim team which was PIL champion all four years that he was on the team.  In other extracurricular adventures he particularly enjoyed the alchemist’s society which met at lunch on Thursdays to do crazy and fun chemistry experiments.  Outside...

Partnership In A Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed the Multnomah Athletic Foundation and Multnomah Athletic Club into uncharted territory. Over the last few weeks the foundation has supported MAC through its navigation of implementing an Emergency & Employee Assistance Fund. We have put together a few high level points of interest as well as answers to our frequently asked questions in order to provide clarification and to better support our community.

The Multnomah Athletic Foundation worked with...

MAF Powered by MAC

Announcing the 2020 MAC Scholar Athletes!

We are thrilled, in partnership with the Multnomah Athletic Club, to announce the 2020 cohort of MAC Scholar Athletes. This program recognizes and celebrates one sophomore from each of you 29 program high schools. Each individual is an outstanding student, team player, athlete and community voice.  Follow us on social media for more updates on this year’s cohort and program!

Aloha High School – Henry Law

Beaverton High School – Emily Rice

Benson High School – Oria...

Donors Fuel Possibilities

Donors Greg and Pete Houser make college dreams come true through the Houser Scholarship.

About five years ago, Greg Houser and his with his brother, Pete, began discussing ways to give back to Lincoln High School. “We’re Lincoln alums, so we wanted to find a way to honor Lincoln for all that we benefited from, in terms of lessons learned, experiences we had and lifelong friendships that we made,” Houser recalls. For the Houser brothers, Lincoln wasn’t the only institution that...

Scholarships Brought to Life by Community

One student’s dynamic journey on the road to higher education

A 2018 Multnomah Athletic Foundation Loprinzi Scholarship recipient and graduate of Jefferson High School, Javondre Cole recently completed his freshman year at Winston-Salem University, a historically black college in North Carolina.

“I am blessed with a village in Portland that encouraged and supported me,” Cole says. That “village” is best described as a network of sports teams, coaches, mentors, close family...

MAF Powered by MAC

MAC Scholar Athletes Make the Most out of Opportunities

As it nears its 50th year, the MAC Scholar Athlete program has meant a lot of things to a lot of people. For some, the $1,500 scholarship might be the most enticing benefit. For others, the two-year MAC membership – with an option to convert to senior membership – is the real score. Still others love the opportunities opened up to them through Multnomah Athletic Foundation and its charitable endeavors.

While the sense of community at MAC might be less tangible, it’s one of the...