The Multnomah Athletic Foundation believes every young person should have the opportunity to compete and participate in sports as well as have access to educational opportunities. We are committed to providing character and confidence building opportunities through athletics and education in underserved communities. The foundation provides community grants and scholarships so that youth can reach their full potential by learning and working together through athletics.



We support nonprofit organizations offering athletic programs in Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas counties in Oregon, with a priority on underserved and underrepresented communities. Explore the funding possibilities and get application materials.



We provide scholarships based on students’ academic performance, athletic participation, and financial need for individuals to attend a two or four year post secondary educational institution of their choice. Get started and learn about the possibilities.



Being involved in the world around us starts with deliberate actions. We support our community grant partners and scholarship recipients through mission moments, volunteer opportunities and community activities. See what is happening now.



Getting together is fun! Events expand our community through celebrating youth access to athletics. Through activities such as the Spin-A-Thon, award receptions, and gatherings, we are able to support the communities that we serve. See what’s next.



Volunteering with the foundation means being surrounded by individuals passionate about youth, athletic participation, and community. Involvement can be as a committee volunteer, a review team member, or as a board member. Get started in a way that suits your interests and availability!



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We believe...

  • Participating in athletics helps us reach our full potential and increasing access to participation is imperative.
  • Scholarships have a unique opportunity to make a significant difference in a student’s ability to attend college and succeed despite financial need.
  • Our scholarship recipients and our grant partners' communities should reflect the diversity of Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas counties.
  • Athletic participation has a social, emotional and physical value. We define athletic participation broadly to include individual athletes, team sports, club sports and all abilities athletes.
  • High achieving individuals with demonstrated ability to succeed in higher education need to be supported.
  • Volunteerism and community connectivity are critically important aspects of student development.

People Power

The Multnomah Athletic Foundation is made up of volunteers,

a working board of twenty individuals, a small and efficient staff,

and community members that give their time, talent and treasure in a variety of ways.


Debbie Williams

Board Co-Chair

Sport has taught me perseverance and patience.

Debbie enjoys being in motion, which is why running suits her. After her father passed, she started running to process her grief. Over the years, she ran farther and faster, ultimately running a marathon in three hours and 28 minutes. Sports has taught Debbie to work towards goals, and also to be kind to yourself during setbacks.

Linda Favero

Board Co-Chair

Athletics and movement create freedom to be the best version of yourself.

Linda grew up in Portland playing soccer through high school where her team earned third in state her senior year. She always felt soccer was about connecting to relationships and community. Linda has continued her love of the sport through coaching both of her boys’ soccer teams from kindergarten through 4th grade.

Chrissy Leslie


Sport teaches me about connection to others and myself, and it teaches me to be present in the moment.

Chrissy became involved with the foundation after being told about a connection between MAF and De La Salle High School – another organization she is involved in. She loves finding new things to do in the Portland area: local shops and events, restaurants, and hikes!

Jenny Todenhagen


It’s not what happens to you, but how you react that matters – Epictetus

Born and raised in Chico California, Jenny now resides in Portland and cherishes her love of running. An athletic achievement of Jenny’s is qualifying for and then running the Boston Marathon, no small feat indeed.

Board of Directors

Brian Donkersley

Sport teaches me to remain humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

Brian, originally from Tucson, AZ, developed a passion for soccer at six. He’s an ardent fan of University of Arizona Wildcats basketball. With diverse interests like gardening, travel, and collecting African art, Brian’s also a geography enthusiast, naming nearly every world capital. His upbringing instilled a love for the outdoors, hiking, and sports, which he continues to pursue along with his exploration of new destinations, having checked off Peru and Croatia from his travel list.

Dara Wilk

Sports has taught me teamwork and perseverance.

Dara loves supporting youth and providing avenues for success through sports, education and mission driven work both personally and professionally. Dara has resided and raised her family in Portland for over 29 years and has years of experience working with schools and non-profits. When she’s not in Portland she can be found in Las Vegas, NV enjoying desert life.

Diane Bozak

Sport teaches me how to be a good team player while also taking personal responsibility.

Diane, from Middlefield, Ohio, proudly recalls her greatest sports achievement: being named captain of her high school cross country team. Despite not being the fastest, she earned the respect of her teammates through her dedication and leadership. In her free time, Diane thrives on any DIY or craft project. She also has two Boston Terriers named Riley and Darby.

George Spencer 

Sport has taught me discipline, fair play and connection to fellow man.

An accomplished baseball player in his youth, George was a winning pitcher in the 1957 High School Legion World Series Opener and was also inducted into the Portland Interscholastic League (PIL) Sports Hall of Fame. He considers himself analytical, a good listener, and finds that he gets more tolerant as he grows older.

Jacob Gamble

“Do the right thing.”

Jacob is originally from California but has lived in the Pacific Northwest most of his life. He grew up in Southern Oregon on a ranch and began playing sports with his parents’ encouragement, with his first sport being wrestling in the 2nd grade. Jacob continued his enjoyment of athletics through the years with boxing, baseball, running cross country, and rodeo.

Jacqui Monahan

Sport gives me confidence and gratitude.

Jacqui’s journey in athletics started at age three when she began skiing with her family and when she began racing at age seven, she never looked back. In the winter you can find her on the slopes still as a ski coach for Lakeridge High School, but the rest of the year she’s either biking, working on her new house, or spending time in Black Butte.

Julia Plowman

Julia hails from Fort Smith, Arkansas, the gateway to the ‘wild west.’ Growing up, she cherished Friday Night Lights, cheering on her big brother, #42, as a star running back. Proud of her ability to still surf, she became involved through her daughter’s participation in the Youth Grant Initiative. A memorable encounter with Mia Hamm during the Olympics led to a heartwarming gesture of gifting Mia’s soccer boots to a neighborhood girl in need.

Julie Solomon

Julie is an avid adventurer who has hiked on six continents. She became involved after learning about their scholarships in a spin class and has since enjoyed volunteering on a scholarship review team. Her proudest athletic achievement is completing a marathon and surpassing her personal goal, while enthusiastically supporting faster, multi-marathon runners.

Julie Vigeland

Synchronized swimming is part of who I am.

Julie’s father taught her to swim in Crescent Lake, OR, and she’s loved the water ever since. As a youth she participated in water ballet and swam during high school and college. At MAC Julie discovered synchronized swimming and has competed at the national level. She’s also musical and played oboe in the high school band and orchestra.

Kirsten Brady

Kirsten, raised in Anchorage, Alaska, spent her youth hiking, fishing, and skiing in the great outdoors. She believes sports have connected her to her community and deepened her connection to herself. With over 25 years of leadership in non-profit advocacy, Kirsten values supporting and encouraging youth in education, sports, and community activism. After many miles traveling for half marathons, she now finds her greatest happiness on her yoga mat.

Logwone Warrior Mitz

Logwone grew up with a passion for baseball, finding immense joy in the sport as a child. He was captivated by the legendary Ken Griffey Jr., whose talent and charisma made him a favorite to watch. Inspired by Walter Payton’s extraordinary contributions both on and off the field, Mitz admires the way Payton made a lasting impact on his communities through dedicated philanthropy.

Ryan Harvey

Always give people the benefit of the doubt.

Ryan enjoys doing anything creative — whether it’s artwork or just projects around the house. When he’s not chasing his kids around, he finds time to read, exercise, and utilize his creativity in all aspects of his life. Ryan holds a private pilots license and hopes to get back in the air again soon.

Shannon Conrad

Sport teaches me…that the process (practice, teamwork) can be more rewarding than the outcome  (win/lose)

Shannon Conrad, from Bismarck, ND, was active on the swim team in junior high and high school, earning awards for most improved, team spirit, and serving as team captain. She has a passion for contemporary/lyrical/modern dance, choreographing in college and while living in China, making her an “international choreographer.” In her spare time, Shannon enjoys volunteering at the MAC, international travel, and is obsessed with passionfruit, ever since discovering passion fruit flavored toothpaste in Brazil.

Sydney Baer

Sport has taught me teamwork, the power of inclusion and self-confidence.

Tennis was the sport Sydney enjoyed most in her youth, which was primarily spent in Southern California. Her family told her it was a lifelong activity and she’s found that to be true. For Sydney, tennis continues to be a great way to stay active, maintain friendships and think strategically.

Tom Brugato

 Sport teaches me “It is what it is.”

As someone who participated in sports all through his youth, Tom now finds that his greatest enjoyment of in sports comes from living vicariously through his kids. When he isn’t at work or watching athletics, he is on his John Deere tractor plowing his seven acres of horse property while wearing his 1986 vintage Oregon State hat.

Traci Rossi

Everybody dies, but not everybody lives

Traci was born and raised in Portland Oregon and shares her many years experience in the local philanthropic world. When asked who her favorite sport or player was she enthusiastically responded with “Michael Jordan, of course!”

Victory Perry

Bio coming soon!

Maryam Boulori

Sports teaches me how to have balance.

Athleticism hasn’t always come naturally to Maryam, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing sports. Today, Maryam uses that same determination to get her through her spin classes. She understands that sports are just as much mental as they are physical and it’s just a matter of finding your balance.


Lisa Bendt

Executive Director

Athletics makes me feel inspired.

Lisa, originally from South Dakota, can best be described by three words: focused, adaptable and exuberant. She loves to travel and wander globally, has visited 38 countries, and is still counting. You can often find Lisa outdoors hiking, biking, running, climbing, diving, skiing or surfing. Her words to live by: “If not me, who? If not now, when?” – Hillel

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