A Moment on the COVID Impact on Youth Sports

Each week my time includes conversations with grant partners, community leaders, and the high school athletic community.

Each week I am unsettled by the impact COVID-19 is having on the most vulnerable kids who need athletics to cope, thrive, and be a part of something.

Each week the reason we lean in to maintain our funding and find creative ways to build networks in order to support the folks helping kids is very real.

I cannot have everyone be a part of these conversations every...

Partnership In A Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed the Multnomah Athletic Foundation and Multnomah Athletic Club into uncharted territory. Over the last few weeks the foundation has supported MAC through its navigation of implementing an Emergency & Employee Assistance Fund. We have put together a few high level points of interest as well as answers to our frequently asked questions in order to provide clarification and to better support our community.

The Multnomah Athletic Foundation worked with...

Grantmakers of Oregon and SW Washington – MEMBER SPOTLIGHT

This week, the foundation was highlighted in the Member Spotlight for Grantmakers of Oregon and Southwest Washington. Read their story below and see how Lisa Bendt, Executive Director of the Multnomah Athletic Foundation, answers a few questions about how things have evolved in the midst of this crisis. 

Before COVID-19, what were your priorities as a foundation/funder?

Before COVID19, our funding priorities at the Multnomah Athletic Foundation were:

Increasing access to youth...