Partnership In A Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed the Multnomah Athletic Foundation and Multnomah Athletic Club into uncharted territory. Over the last few weeks the foundation has supported MAC through its navigation of implementing an Emergency & Employee Assistance Fund. We have put together a few high level points of interest as well as answers to our frequently asked questions in order to provide clarification and to better support our community.

The Multnomah Athletic Foundation worked with MAC to assist in finding and vetting a qualified partner, America’s Charities, who specializes in employee assistance funds. The foundation could not administer the fund at this time as its current charitable purpose and 501(c)(3) status is defined to provide support for youth participation in athletics through providing community grants to nonprofits and scholarships for post-secondary education.

MAC established its Emergency and Employee Assistance Fund (EEAF) to support its employees and their immediate families during times of significant financial hardship following a federally-declared Qualified Disaster. 

The EEAF is currently funded by contributions from both Multnomah Athletic Club, its members  and members of the public. If you would like to make a donation to the EEAF, please click the here.

Along with assisting in the implementation of the EEAF, the foundation has the delayed application timeline and changed the eligibility requirements for the Fay Sasser MAC Employee Scholarship, therefore making the program more accessible for the individuals that it will help the most. To learn more about the MAC Employee Scholarship, visit our Sasser Scholarship age here.

If you have any questions regarding the foundations response to COVID-19, the MAC EEAF, or how to volunteer to support communities in need in this time please contact us here.