Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month

During celebratory and heritage months throughout the year, the Foundation shares the voices of those who reflect the honored community. This year for AAPI month we asked Ella Kim, 2023 Al Tauscher Award recipient, and her sister Mia Kim what this month meant to them. Read below their response and what they had to share about their lived experience.

“We are glad that there is a month dedicated to American Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders (AANHPI), but we still do not feel fully recognized. Asian Americans aren’t always recognized for being marginalized and discriminated against. Despite our accomplishments and successes, we still aren’t given as many opportunities as white people, or even other people of color. Most people are not aware that we are a minority group, and many do not know that May is a month dedicated to AANHPI heritage.  Even we, as Asian Americans, did not know about this month until now. We think this speaks to the unawareness that has plagued our communities. 

We do agree that it is important to spread awareness of our cultures to other people and are glad that May honors AANHPI. However, we believe that more could be done to bring attention to Asian Americans as a community. We aren’t viewed as white people, but we aren’t viewed completely as people of color, therefore we don’t get as many opportunities, advantages, or places in the spotlight. With recognition and understanding, we believe that opportunities and openings for leadership will become more available to our people.”

– Ella and Mia Kim