Celebrating Black History Month

If you know anything about the Multnomah Athletic Foundation, it’s that the foundation is powered by volunteers. Volunteers give their time, talent and treasure. They share their lived experiences, passions, and unique perspectives. The Foundation deeply values the contributions to the community that our volunteers make.

In honor of Black History Month this year, two volunteers speak to why it’s important to contribute their passions with the community.

“We all have gifts and talents that can be beneficial to ourselves and others in our communities, our workplace and our world,” said Teddy Martin, a scholarship review team member and Lead Manager on Duty at the MAC “Once a gift or talent is identified, it is our responsibility to nurture and develop that gift to someday share it in ways that may make a difference, be enlightening or be a blessing to others.” 

When asked about how Martin contributes his talent, Martin said, “My gift is communication. I love people, making connections on many different levels and learning from those I encounter. My vehicle of choice for communicating with everyone at the Black History Celebration will be through music, my personal favorite form of communication!”.

Jordan Blue is the new Fitness Operations Supervisor for the MAC and will be volunteering with the Foundation as part of the MAC Scholar Athlete program this year. 

“As a young black man, I have encountered more adversities than my age can display,” said Jordan when asked about why he has chosen to share his talents through volunteering. “From social injustice to severe mental illness, my story is unique but still connected to those around me. My talent is given not to entertain anyone, but to share a story that is relatable and vulnerable. I want to provide an opportunity for others to see strength built from weakness; to hear power thrive from pain. Everyone has a story to share and I hope my performance can inspire others to do so.”

The Foundation staff and board  are continually inspired by the community members who give their time, talent and treasure to uplift those around them, share what they are passionate for, and bring inspiration to their communities.

For those in the MAC community, come meet these amazing individuals at the Black History Month Event on Feb. 24. More details on this event are available at www.themac.com.