The Power of Community: A Joyful Annual Fundraiser

“You’ve probably witnessed the Multnomah Athletic Foundation’s outreach at some point without even knowing it, ” notes Rebecca Roberts, foundation Board Member and Events Committee member. “Did you make it to The Nutcracker with Oregon Ballet Theater this winter or catch a Blazers game when student athletes from the Special Hoop Camp played during halftime? Perhaps it was driving by a field with kids playing soccer with the Portland Football Club. Maybe you were working out on an elliptical next to a MAC Scholar Athlete and didn’t even realize it. No matter what community you are a part of, you are likely to come across someone who has been impacted by the outreach and support of the Multnomah Athletic Foundation (MAF).”

MAF is holding its ninth annual Spin-A-Thon this year with community at the forefront. The foundation strives to create a space to share power and possibilities while making an impact in the community through coming together to ride, move, and party.

There are many people and faces who have passed through MAF’s wide array of community outreach programs through its 31-year history. All of these individuals make the experiences with the foundation joyful and meaningful. The Spin-A-Thon encapsulates that energy as the foundation’s event committee creates a moment where the community can come together. This event, like many that MAF produces, is the tool that makes the intentional gathering work. Whether it’s a scholarship celebration event or a grant impact award, the moment focuses on bringing people together with a purpose.

Generational Commitment

“Growing up in Portland I was part of a community that recognized that sports play a critical role in personal development. All kids should have the opportunity to participate and there is so much to learn outside of the classroom and on the field with friends,” says MAC member Jake Marcy, who works in the professional and collegiate sports industry.

Jake’s parents, Katy and Steve, have been supporters and sponsors of the annual spin event since its inception. Their continued support with unrestricted funding goes a long way to assist the nonprofit organizations providing flexibility and opportunities to engage youth.

“As an active person and parent, it has always been important to me to give back and reach out to others in our community. There is really nothing better than being able to connect and help others,” shares Katy Marcy. “Our family loves athletics and this fundraiser and the foundation’s mission aligns with our values 100 percent. Now that my children are adults, it is a pleasure to stand side by side with them, working and giving to others.”

Outside of their monetary contributions, the Marcys have recently begun to involve their now-adult sons in their personal philanthropy. By inviting their children to the foundation’s Impact Award grant event in November 2021, they expanded their network, community, and legacy.

“With friends and supporters like these, we are not only able to hold events that support our mission but also are able to create moments that do more than just fund amazing opportunities,” adds Denise Patridge, MAF board member and event committee chair. “We are able to collaborate in an intentional and meaningful way that builds deeper relationships and expands our ability to make an impact in the community.”

Written by the MAF Communication Committee, photo by Tim Gunther.

Originally published in the February 2022 issue of The Winged M Magazine.