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Registration Details for 2021: The Ride and The Move

Registration is now open!

To register for The Ride and The Move click here.

The 2021 Spin-A-Thon has three fun elements.

The kickoff is a free virtual celebration of community and participation on January 28th. We will kick off the 2021 events with explanations of the new elements, hear about the community impact of the fundraising and get ready to have some fun!

The Ride and The Move are part of a week-long event set...

Sponsor the Spin-A-Thon

The annual Spin-A-Thon is changing gears and going virtual. Our goal remains the same: to ride and move so that kids have access to sports and education.

The 2021 Spin-A-Thon events will be an upbeat and fun way to benefit the community grant program at the foundation. 100% of the event proceeds go directly towards supporting and enabling youth access to participation in athletics and sponsors are our primary way to support more youth!

Sponsorship is set at five different levels....

Scholarships Graphic

MAC Scholar Athlete Media Day Sponsorship

Sponsorship opportunities for the media and press day for the MAC Scholar Athletes.

Every March we welcome 29 new students into the MAC Scholar Athlete program. As the students are being welcomed into the cohort and the MAC Community there are a series of press articles and stories released around the new class of Scholar Athletes. In order to receive all of the media coverage that is needed for these releases, we decided to turn media and content acquisition into a fun event that mimics...

2016 Timbers Game from MAC Terrace

MAC Scholar Athlete Welcome Event

Welcoming the New Cohort of MAC Scholar Athletes into the program.

Every June we welcome 29 new students into the MAC Scholar Athlete Program. For two years they are a part of a cohort that is given access to MAC and a variety of other amazing classes, courses, events, programs, and opportunities.

To welcome the student athletes to the program and to MAC we kick off their time in the program with a welcome event that is programmed around a Thorns Game viewing from the Club’s terrace...

Events Graphic

Scholarship Celebration Event

Celebrating past and present Scholarship Recipients.

Each year at the end of summer break we take time to celebrate past and present scholarship recipients of the Multnomah Athletic Foundation. We take over one of the gyms at MAC and turn it into a fun filled celebration and festival of recognition and achievement.

2020 Scholarship Celebration Event exact date and times are still being set, check back in May for more details.

Bud Lewis Award Invite

The Bud Award Reception

Celebrating the spirit of Leland “Bud” Lewis and our grant partners that reflect that spirit.

Leland “Bud” Lewis is a long time club member at MAC and an exemplar of sportsmanship, kindness, and good will. The reception and celebration of the Bud Award is a time to recognize the recipient of the award and the work that they are doing in our community to foster participation in youth athletics. It is also a celebration of Bud’s life, his spirit and all that he is.

The 2020 Bud...

MAF Impact Award Logo

The Annual Impact Award Reception

Celebrating the recipient of this year’s Impact Award while bringing communities together.

The Impact Award Reception brings together the multitude of grant partners, volunteers, community members, and passionate individuals that are involved with the foundation each year. As we celebrate the collaboration and achievements of our community grant partners, we use the Impact Award Reception as a time to bring people together to increase the impact that we can all have on the youth that we...

Celebrating the 2020 Spin-A-Thon!

Wow! We can’t believe what a success this year’s event was!

Oh What an event and oh what a team! With the foundation’s board willing to underwrite the Spin-A-Thon events so that 100% of the proceeds went directly towards community grants we were able to reach our goal and provide $40,000! This year's 7th annual Spin-A-Thon, and 2nd annual Post Ride Party were both positive and energetic. With 180 riders, 27 sponsors, 11 instructors, and five hours of spinning we were able to achieve...