The 2019 Bud Award Recipient

Celebrating Elite Sports Academy and the spirit of Leland “Bud” Lewis.

The 2019 Recipient of the Bud Award is Elite Sports Academy.

Elite Sports Academy is a sports-based educational summer program offered to children in select communities in the Portland, OR area at minimal to no cost.

The camp provides young athletes with an opportunity to experience premium training in football, basketball, soccer, and volleyball from coaches and athletes from around the country. This...

Bud Lewis Award Invite

The Bud Award Reception

Celebrating the spirit of Leland “Bud” Lewis and our grant partners that reflect that spirit.

Leland “Bud” Lewis is a long time club member at MAC and an exemplar of sportsmanship, kindness, and good will. The reception and celebration of the Bud Award is a time to recognize the recipient of the award and the work that they are doing in our community to foster participation in youth athletics. It is also a celebration of Bud’s life, his spirit and all that he is.

The 2020 Bud...