Expressing Gratitude

Thank you! The result of the annual fund drive was a testament of the strength of partnership, our community and the compassion of MAC members. The annual fund drive fuels the Multnomah Athletic Foundation’s community outreach supporting underserved and underrepresented youth. A $25 gift multiplied by thousands of MAC members generated over $183,000 in October. Working together to support those with the greatest need in our community, MAC and MAF partner to help youth participate in athletics and education. Many things have changed in the last twelve months, but our desire to express gratitude is not one of them. This season we gave our board some time off and pulled a video from the archives. So hear the voices from foundation leadership and the 2020 Youth Grant Initiative as they help us express gratitude.

For those of you that support the foundation’s community outreach – thank you. For those of you that prefer to support the community in other ways – thank you. The world needs all the compassionate civic leaders, community support systems and donors it can get.