Campaign for Inclusion: Women’s Day Panel Follow Up

Thank you for joining us on March 8th for our panel series focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion. We value the conversations and look forward to the next discussion in May. As a follow up, we wanted to highlight one specific insight from our panelists as well as provide a link to the full panel recording.

Feel free to share the highlights and the link from the discussion with friends, family, and colleagues.

To view the recording of the March panel, go to this link:

For International Women’s Day this year we asked our panelists a range of questions from how athletics influenced who they are; who or what inspires you; how they would complete the phrase “choose to challenge” that was the theme of 2021 Women’s Day. They each shared their perspectives on inclusion, inspiration, and challenges as woman in today’s society.

We focused on one answer from each of the panelists stood out as they spoke to the lessons learned from athletics and impact onto their everyday lives. Through athletic injuries and setbacks, each of our panelists was able to overcome adversity and gain perspective that they continue to bring into their everyday experiences today.

Corrine Togiai shared “You need to appreciate the everyday things, choose your attitude every day, and know that challenges are meant to make you better.

Shannon Boxx suggested that we  “Break down what seems big and scary into manageable pieces. Through small parts, the whole is easier to get to.”

Jenny Todenhagen reminded us to “Learn to not take your health for granted and look at challenges as a way to gain empathy for new situations.”