Partnership In Community Impact

A wonderful and successful partnership is grounded in knowledge of one another and motivated by an authentic desire to help. That is exactly what we found in our Big Wheel Sponsor, Charles Schwab. We were looking for organizations to work with and support the community outreach in our mission based work. Denise Patridge, a Vice President at the Charles Schwab Portland office, saw the connection between the people who work for both organizations. At the Multnomah Athletic Foundation, we discovered a partnership that focuses on a shared interest in supporting youth, athletic and opportunities. Then add Erick Ibarra, Robert Best and the entire talented group of professional Denise works with and amazing things happen. Erick shares why they support the Spin-A-Thon and share the foundation’s commitment to youth.

Partnership in fun, community, positive impact and inclusion. Thank you to the team of amazing people at Charles Schwab!