Join us and learn more about how to support equity and social justice in our community!

MAF Board Members

We at the Multnomah Athletic Foundation acknowledge this is a difficult and emotional time. So many tough life experiences – COVID-19 with so many organization and community plans changing and our nation’s reaction to the deaths of too many Black Americans.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to play, learn and succeed. Everyone deserves a safe place to not just live but thrive. We believe providing that safety means speaking up as an ally.  How to achieve this is a learning experience for us. It is a lesson we are ready and willing to embrace.

Our foundation’s focus will continue to be on increasing access for youth through participation in sport, play and education.  But we are committed to removing barriers in our current practices, policies, funding and governance and expand our own education. We will strive to amplify voices in the community and expand our outreach efforts.

How can we achieve these goals?  By better educating ourselves on the important issues around equity, social justice and our community’s needs. By exploring partnerships and collaborations.  By leaning in to become an exceptional ally and reaching out to all individuals looking to join the conversation.

Join the conversation – quietly, robustly, privately or publicly.  We encourage you to listen, share and challenge your understanding.  Each month we will provide a recommendation for an article, book, podcast or a virtual panel to further the learning needed on these important issues. 

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Looking forward to you being a part of the learning,

Lisa Bendt
Executive Director & always focused on people!