Scholarship Shoutout Saturday – 2020 Loprinzi Scholarship 3 of 3

Loprinzi Scholarship Recipient Abdinasir Hussein

Elite Runner Goes the Distance

Track and field student athlete shines in sports and academics

As a refugee from Somalia, Loprinzi Scholarship recipient Abdinasir Hussein has overcome extraordinary challenges. Hussein spent much of his childhood in a Kenyan refugee camp, then time in Dallas, Texas and Washington state before finally landing in Portland, Oregon. During those unsettled years, the thought of attending school on a regular basis – much less college – simply seemed out of the question.

However, once his family landed in Portland, Hussein did attend school. During his sophomore year at Roosevelt High School, Hussein discovered his talent for distance running, which he developed as a member of the school’s cross country team. Since then, he puts in 50-60 miles per week in all types of conditions. His commitment has paid off – Hussein is now a championship runner, has broken multiple school records, and placed second last year in the state champion 3000-meter event.

Hussein excels in academics as well as athletics, and graduated high school with a 3.75 GPA – another extraordinary accomplishment, given the instability of his childhood years. He also finds time to  give back to his community. As captain of his high school cross country team, he actively mentors his teammates. Hussein also works with African American boys through the I Am Academy program, which helps students become leaders, graduates and scholars.

Although Hussein has secured some scholarship assistance for college, it does not completely cover his tuition at University of Oregon. His $8000 Loprinzi scholarship helps make up the difference, and helps support his pursuit of excellence in sports and scholastics.

The Loprinzi Scholarship provides an $8,000 award to three outstanding student athletes that attend one of our twenty nine program high schools.

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Story by Laurie Harquail