Celebrating the 2020 Spin-A-Thon!

Wow! We can’t believe what a success this year’s event was!

Oh What an event and oh what a team! With the foundation’s board willing to underwrite the Spin-A-Thon events so that 100% of the proceeds went directly towards community grants we were able to reach our goal and provide $40,000! This year’s 7th annual Spin-A-Thon, and 2nd annual Post Ride Party were both positive and energetic. With 180 riders, 27 sponsors, 11 instructors, and five hours of spinning we were able to achieve something amazing.

For only the second year, the Post Ride Party along with all of the support and the live auction brought the celebration to an amazing, mission affirming, heart filling finish. We celebrated, laughed, and had a great time, and best of all we walked away with new friends of the foundation ready to add their time and talents.

It is such a pleasure and privilege to work and laugh alongside each of you. Thank you and onward!!