2020 Scholarship Celebration Event Volunteers

MAF Honors Scholarship Recipients in Weekend of Celebration

What do you do when a global pandemic cancels your annual scholarship celebration? Bring the celebration to the students. 

Over the weekend of July 24, 20 volunteers delivered the party to over 35 scholarship recipients. 

“In these uncertain times, it was important to us that we still celebrated the great accomplishments of our seniors,” said Rebecca Roberts, event coordinator for the foundation’s annual scholarship celebration. “They worked so hard to finish school...

2020 Scholarship Celebration Event Recipients - MAF

Scholarship Celebration Event 2020!

Since we can't hold our Scholarship Celebration Event in person this year, we are bringing the event to the students in the form of Celebration Bags. Our Volunteers are delivering them to students this weekend and we can't wait here back about their deliveries!

While we would usually have a presentation and ceremony to recognize each and every recipients achievement, this video will have to do! So congrats 2020 scholar superstars! We can't wait to see what you do...

2020 Scholarship Celebration Event Update!

These are unprecedented times with lots of emotion. Joy (you graduated or completed the school year), uncertainty (what might school and the world look like in the Fall) and anger/fear/sorrow (current state of the world and our communities). We, at the Foundation, feel all of that and also hope! Because we believe in YOU, your conversations, your actions and your passion will make a vital impact on the world – now and in the future.

We are committed to celebrate YOU. Even though...

2020 Mel Fox Recipient

Scholarship Shoutout – 2020 Mel Fox Scholarship

Congratulations to the 2020 Mel Fox Scholarship Recipient Aidan Palmer!

Aidan, a cross country, track, and field athlete graduated from Franklin High School this spring. Aidan is a dedicated cross county runner who's work ethic and determination shows through in his practice and his competition.

Athletics and the track and filed team at Franklin High were a draw for Aidan in his freshman year. The dedication and competition drew him into the sport and led him to spend the next four...

Loprinzi Scholarship Recipient Abdinasir Hussein

Scholarship Shoutout Saturday – 2020 Loprinzi Scholarship 3 of 3

Elite Runner Goes the Distance

Track and field student athlete shines in sports and academics

As a refugee from Somalia, Loprinzi Scholarship recipient Abdinasir Husseinhas overcome extraordinary challenges. Husseinspent much of his childhood in a Kenyan refugee camp, then time in Dallas, Texas and Washington state before finally landing in Portland, Oregon. During those unsettled years, the thought of attending school on a regular basis – much less college – simply seemed out of...

Loprinzi Scholarship Recipient Rasheed Tarhuni

Scholarship Shoutout – 2020 Loprinzi Scholarship 2 of 3

A Soccer Star and More

Gifted student athlete excels academically and connects with the community

A talented and accomplished soccer player, Loprinzi scholarship recipient Abdelrasheed Tarhuni also pushes himself academically, and makes connecting with the community a priority.

This past fall, Tarhunicompleted his fourth season playing on Tigard High School Men’s Varsity soccer team, which won the Three Rivers league championship for the second year in a row. He was also...

Loprinzi Scholarship Recipient Kaylee Mo

Scholarship Shoutout – 2020 Loprinzi Scholarship 1 of 3

In Pursuit of Excellence

Student athlete achieves winning results through commitment, resolve and determination

Loprinzi Scholarship recipient Kaylee Mo’s achievements can be attributed to her drive, focus and a sense of purpose, whether applied to academics, athletics or extra-curricular activities.

At Tualatin High School, Mo earned an impressive 4.48 GPA while pursuing an IB diploma candidate. And that’s just the beginning. While maintaining a high level of academic...

Scholarships Graphic

Scholarship Shoutout – 2020 Houser Scholarship

Congratulations to the 2020 Houser Scholarship Recipient, Isabel Homsi!

Isabel, a dedicated scholar athlete, is graduating from Lincoln High School this spring. As a driven student and passionate athlete Isabel also has made the time to be a role model and influence in her community through various service activities and leadership roles.

Through athletics Isabel has learned the power of influence and action and how team dynamics can make or break an opportunity to succeed. Both in...

Scholarships Graphic

Scholarship Shoutout – 2020 Turner Scholarship

Congratulations to the 2020 Turner Scholarship recipient, Peter Hinnen!

Peter, a full International Diploma candidate, is graduating as a valedictorian from Lincoln High School. He enjoyed also captaining the Lincoln High School boys swim team which was PIL champion all four years that he was on the team.  In other extracurricular adventures he particularly enjoyed the alchemist’s society which met at lunch on Thursdays to do crazy and fun chemistry experiments.  Outside...

Partnership In A Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed the Multnomah Athletic Foundation and Multnomah Athletic Club into uncharted territory. Over the last few weeks the foundation has supported MAC through its navigation of implementing an Emergency & Employee Assistance Fund. We have put together a few high level points of interest as well as answers to our frequently asked questions in order to provide clarification and to better support our community.

The Multnomah Athletic Foundation worked with...