MAF Week (and the 10th annual Spin-A-Thon) is a fundraiser for the foundation that increases access for youth to participate in athletics and education. Join us as we come together for community, movement, and a shared purpose. Everyone is welcome – MAC members, friends, family, community, colleagues, teammates, and even businesses!

The Spin-A-Thon has been a fundraiser for the Multnomah Athletic Foundation for many years. It serves as a way to provide funding for the grant and scholarship programs. This year’s event, called MAF Week, has four ways to participate: spin classes, join additional activities to get moving through out the week, an online auction and a party to celebrate it all.

A terrific opportunity for your support is the 2023 online auction. The Auction features some amazing experiences and fitness opportunities. Bidding will be open from Mar 12 – Mar 18.

100% of the event proceeds go directly into the community to get kids moving, learning and dreaming about the future. The Foundation’s board of directors underwrite the expenses to make this promise a reality.

Learn about The Spin-A-Thon happening on March 12th

The 10th annual Spin-A-Thon is our ride-focused event that takes place in the indoor, sunshine-filled studio with open windows galore at the Multnomah Athletic Club. You can commit to riding one hour or make it an epic three hour session. Open to all – members, guests, sponsors, friends!

  • 3 in-person classes with a fantastic view.
  • 3 amazing instructors ready to keep you motivated on the bike:
    Patrick at 8 AM, Lisa at 9.30 AM and Madison at 11 AM
  • At the end of each hour, a glorious and well-deserved stretch by MAC instructors.
  • Snacks, drinks and music provided from start to finish.
  • A goodie bag bar will be available to fill a tote with cool stuff from our sponsors.
  • Registration opens on January 30 through the button above.
  • Each hour will have 30 bikes (rider spots) available. The registration will occur through Eventbrite. A $100 contribution to the Foundation will get you a bike for one hour. All contributions will be applied toward the Foundation’s community outreach programs. Every rider is welcome to attend The Party and share the fun with friends.

Learn about The MOVE happening March 12 through 18

The Move is where community can come together to support youth athletics and education. During COVID, The Move took us outside and used digital tools to connect us. This year, we have some new activities planned to bring people together in the spirit of fitness, wellness and learning.

Move your mind by joining a Listen & Learn: Title IX event

Olympic gold medalist Carolyn Wood discusses what life was like for female athletes before 1972, when Title IX went into effect, and the role an Oregon congresswoman played in writing the legislation. Wood is the author of Tough Girl and Class Notes. She shares thoughts from her journey and answers questions at this free event. Guests are welcome.

This event will be held on March 16th 10:30am. Register now by clicking here!

Move your body and join a MAC Fitness class

MAF Week Move classes are a way for MAC members to experience a new class, instructor, fitness type. We encourage MAC members to drop in and join one of the classes listed below. By doing so, you are supporting the foundation and get a chance to learn about MAF. At the end of each class, a volunteer will help you fill out a raffle ticket and you will be entered for a chance to win a MAF Week prize!

  • Ellove – Monday the 13th at 9am with Kelly Koltiska
  • Tai Chi – Monday the 13th at 1:30pm with Papi Ferunaj
  • HIGH Fitness – Tuesday the 14th at 9am with Lacey Holman
  • Zumba – Tuesday the 14th at 6pm with Jessica Bird
  • Vinyasa Flow – Wednesday the 15th at 11:30am with Jennifer Holzapfel-Hanson
  • Vinyasa Flow – Wednesday the 15th at 6pm with Katy Vanek
  • MAC Strong – Thursday the 16th at 9am with Lisa Buchmiller
  • Intermediate Pilates – Thursday the 16th at 11:30am with Regan Kinder 
  • HIIT – Friday the 17th at 9am with Ace Cauthen
  • Spin – Friday the 17th at 12pm with Josh Sargeant
  • Spin – Saturday the 18th at 8am with Lauren Wilson

Learn about the AUCTION happening March 12 through March 18

The online auction is open to everyone and is a terrific way to support community if you are unable to join in-person for the events. The auction will have experiences that range from local outings at a Hops game, roller derby, Blazer game or the Oregon Ballet to private suite at a soccer game, white water rafting to a amazing dinner with sake for 12.

An online auction is open for viewing now! Bidding will open on March 12.

See what cool experiences are available by clicking here!

Learn about The PARTY happening on March 18 5 – 7pm

The party is a time to gather to continue the positive community impact. We will celebrate, connect with friends, meet some new people and take the moment to let the youth in our community inspire us. Open to all – members, guests, sponsors, friends!

The location be held at the Multnomah Athletic Club (1849 SW Salmon Street).

  • This event is free to attend, but a registration is required via Eventbrite. Use the red registration button above!
  • The auction will conclude during this event with items from our amazing sponsors.
  • Fast and fun Paddle Raise
  • Community connections with new people and friends

Sponsors Make Opportunities Possible

Below you will find the current listing of our 2023 sponsor team.