We believe that athletic participation builds character for the body, mind and heart.

We admire the committed nonprofit organizations in our communities. They inspire us.

They are involved and investing in our kids and their neighborhoods.

Watch and let one of our incredible partners share their story of impact.

Community Investment in Youth in 2023...


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Grant Details

The Multnomah Athletic Foundation provides community grants that support confidence and character-building opportunities for youth with an emphasis on athletic participation. The foundation gives highest priority to investing in partners who provide opportunities to neighborhoods and populations with limited access and resources.

We support nonprofit organizations providing services in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area – Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas counties.

For a full list of the current grant recipients read here for spring 2023 and here for fall 2023.

Several times during the year we host informal coffee conversations that provide the space for you to tell us about your organization, funding needs, and work regarding youth access to athletics. Check out when the next conversation is being held and learn how to attend here.

Special Grant Projects

Portland Interscholastic League (PIL) Legacy Golf Grant

The PIL Golf Award will be awarded annually to student athletes who attend and compete for a school sponsored golf team in the Portland Interscholastic League. The Multnomah Athletic Foundation will administer the award for a female and a male golfer. Donations will be designated to support the golf grant awards as noted at the time the contribution is made. The selection process is supported by the PIL head coaches to provide equipment and resources to enable individuals to compete at their highest level. For full eligibility, timeline and application details, click here – https://pillegacygolfgrant.org/

Bud Award

The Bud Award is awarded to a Multnomah Athletic Foundation community grant recipient that honors the spirit of Bud Lewis. Sportsmanship. Enthusiasm. Passion for athletics. Nonprofit organizations that provide access and opportunities to youth from underserved communities will be given the highest priority. All grant partners from the last two funding cycles will be considered for this award. Learn about the spirit of the 2023 recipient Innercity Basketball.

The Bud Award is named for Leland “Bud” Lewis, who was a longtime member of the Multnomah Athletic Club. Lewis served on more than 50 MAC committees, served on the club’s Board of Trustees as secretary in 1993, and received almost every award given by MAC to its senior members.

Enjoy a special interview produced by Erik Eagon of EHE Productions LLC and Erik Croswell of Bridge City Media.

A Lifetime at the MAC: Conversations with Bud Lewis

Impact Award

The Impact Award recognizes the positive impact of a nonprofit organization through its support of youth, athletic participation and community collaboration. The annual award is presented to one of our community grant partners in the Portland metropolitan area. The award recognizes the efforts of the nonprofit organization and its talented staff and board members to collaborate with their community. All grant partners from the last two funding cycles will be considered for this award. Learn about the outstanding community impact of the 2023 recipient – Elite Sports Academy.

Al Tauscher

Al Tauscher

As the community partner of the Multnomah Athletic Club, we support this program’s application process to honor remarkable young people who are actively engaged in athletics, school and community. The spirit of this recognition is Al Tauscher – a community volunteer, a renaissance man and an athlete. He was part of the MAC community for over 50 years. The award recognizes MAC members from grade 6 through 12 who have experience in a wide range of athletic and social opportunities at MAC, their schools and from other community volunteer programs.

To honor the community connections and leadership of remarkable MAC members, the Multnomah Athletic Foundation provides a $300 grant for each recipient to donate to a foundation community grant partner. The foundation is thrilled to enable leadership and impact in the community. Learn about the spirit of the remarkable 2024 recipients in the MAC Winged M magazine.

Youth Grant Initiative


The Youth Grant Initiative teaches curious and passionate seventh and eighth graders about community leadership through hands-on philanthropy and grant making. Program participants create positive change within the community by diving into the world of nonprofit giving and make a difference by awarding $5,000 in community grants.

Read about how YGI sparked a new generation of philanthropists!

Current Grant Partners