Sportsmanship. Enthusiasm. Passion for athletics.

The Bud Award is named for Leland “Bud” Lewis, a longtime member of the Multnomah Athletic Club. Bud has served on more than 50 MAC committees, served on the club’s Board of Trustees as secretary in 1993, and is the recipient of almost every award given by MAC to its senior members.

The Bud Award is awarded to a Multnomah Athletic Foundation community grant recipient that honors the spirit of Bud Lewis – sportsmanship, enthusiasm and a passion for athletics. Nonprofit organizations that provide access and opportunities to youth from underserved communities will be given the highest priority.

Elite Sports Academy is the 2019 recipient!

Who is the Elite Sports Academy:

Elite Sports Academy is a sports-based educational summer program offered to children in select communities in the Portland, OR area at minimal to no cost.

The camp provides young athletes with an opportunity to experience premium training in football, basketball, soccer, and volleyball from coaches and athletes from around the country. This training will not only push the athletes to improve their physical abilities, but it will also provide them with critical life skills such as teamwork, leadership, self-confidence, and self-discipline. The combination of these athletic and personal skills will help the children excel in sports, school, and their personal lives.

The goal of ESA is to foster the personal growth of its athletes, preparing them for their futures. By providing the children with the tools necessary to achieve academic and athletic success, it is ESA’s mission to increase the likelihood of their athletes attending college, for academic or athletic merit.

Learn more about Elite Sports Academy here

A special interview created by friends of Bud to celebrate his involvement at the club and what athletics means to him.

This very special video was  produced by Erik Eagon of EHE Productions LLC & Erik Croswell of Bridge City Media

Contributions honoring Bud Lewis can be made to the Bud Lewis Fund through Multnomah Athletic Foundation. Ways to give here.

Previous Bud Award recipients include De La Salle North Catholic High School (2017) and Greater Than (2018).