Scholarship Shoutout Saturday – Fay Sasser Scholarship Recipient: Ava Damis

Many Roads Lead to Sasser

Annual scholarship funds compassionate students' goals.

People join MAC for many reasons, from social to athletic to professional. Regardless of why they become members, during her tenure as the attendant behind the Main Entrance Front Desk, Fay Sasser welcomed them to their second home with a smile on her face and their names on her lips.

Such was her reputation for dedicated service over the course of 44 years, that Sasser’s name is still spoken as a...

Kaitlyn Dobler - MAC Scholar Athlete

Scholarship Shoutout Saturday – Kaitlyn Dobler

Try to picture how movies such as Booksmart, Dazed and Confused or Pretty in Pink would have played out during a global pandemic. This year’s seniors are living what readers just imagined.

Graduation from high school is a milestone deeply rooted in the exploration of future possibilities, celebrations of freedom and physical rituals that are hard to conceive of when leaving your house involves masking up and maintaining a six-foot distance from other people.

MAC Scholar Athletes are,...