Scholarship Shoutout Saturday – Angela Nguyen

Hailing from Parkrose High School, Angela is an excellent student and avid tennis player. With a 4.29 GPA, Angela played a major role in reviving the Parkrose Key Club, which creates opportunities for students to assist the community. With the club’s membership dwindling, Angela ran for president and helped grow the club into a new era of prominence.

As a member of the Parkrose tennis team, Angela helped carry the squad to win the conference championship in 2019. She takes pride in...

Scholarship Shoutout Saturday – Luke McCullough

Try to picture how movies such as Booksmart, Dazed and Confused or Pretty in Pink would have played out during a global pandemic. This year’s seniors are living what readers just imagined.

Graduation from high school is a milestone deeply rooted in the exploration of future possibilities, celebrations of freedom and physical rituals that are hard to conceive of when leaving your house involves masking up and maintaining a six-foot distance from other people.


2020 Scholarship Celebration Event Recipients - MAF

Scholarship Celebration Event 2020!

Since we can't hold our Scholarship Celebration Event in person this year, we are bringing the event to the students in the form of Celebration Bags. Our Volunteers are delivering them to students this weekend and we can't wait here back about their deliveries!

While we would usually have a presentation and ceremony to recognize each and every recipients achievement, this video will have to do! So congrats 2020 scholar superstars! We can't wait to see what you do...

2020 Mel Fox Recipient

Scholarship Shoutout – 2020 Mel Fox Scholarship

Congratulations to the 2020 Mel Fox Scholarship Recipient Aidan Palmer!

Aidan, a cross country, track, and field athlete graduated from Franklin High School this spring. Aidan is a dedicated cross county runner who's work ethic and determination shows through in his practice and his competition.

Athletics and the track and filed team at Franklin High were a draw for Aidan in his freshman year. The dedication and competition drew him into the sport and led him to spend the next four...

Loprinzi Scholarship Recipient Abdinasir Hussein

Scholarship Shoutout Saturday – 2020 Loprinzi Scholarship 3 of 3

Elite Runner Goes the Distance

Track and field student athlete shines in sports and academics

As a refugee from Somalia, Loprinzi Scholarship recipient Abdinasir Hussein has overcome extraordinary challenges. Hussein spent much of his childhood in a Kenyan refugee camp, then time in Dallas, Texas and Washington state before finally landing in Portland, Oregon. During those unsettled years, the thought of attending school on a regular basis – much less college – simply seemed out of...

Loprinzi Scholarship Recipient Rasheed Tarhuni

Scholarship Shoutout – 2020 Loprinzi Scholarship 2 of 3

A Soccer Star and More

Gifted student athlete excels academically and connects with the community

A talented and accomplished soccer player, Loprinzi scholarship recipient Abdelrasheed Tarhuni also pushes himself academically, and makes connecting with the community a priority.

This past fall, Tarhunicompleted his fourth season playing on Tigard High School Men’s Varsity soccer team, which won the Three Rivers league championship for the second year in a row. He was also...

Loprinzi Scholarship Recipient Kaylee Mo

Scholarship Shoutout – 2020 Loprinzi Scholarship 1 of 3

In Pursuit of Excellence

Student athlete achieves winning results through commitment, resolve and determination

Loprinzi Scholarship recipient Kaylee Mo’s achievements can be attributed to her drive, focus and a sense of purpose, whether applied to academics, athletics or extra-curricular activities.

At Tualatin High School, Mo earned an impressive 4.48 GPA while pursuing an IB diploma candidate. And that’s just the beginning. While maintaining a high level of academic...

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Scholarship Shoutout – 2020 Houser Scholarship

Congratulations to the 2020 Houser Scholarship Recipient, Isabel Homsi!

Isabel, a dedicated scholar athlete, is graduating from Lincoln High School this spring. As a driven student and passionate athlete Isabel also has made the time to be a role model and influence in her community through various service activities and leadership roles.

Through athletics Isabel has learned the power of influence and action and how team dynamics can make or break an opportunity to succeed. Both in...

MAF Powered by MAC

MAC Scholar Athletes Make the Most out of Opportunities

As it nears its 50th year, the MAC Scholar Athlete program has meant a lot of things to a lot of people. For some, the $1,500 scholarship might be the most enticing benefit. For others, the two-year MAC membership – with an option to convert to senior membership – is the real score. Still others love the opportunities opened up to them through Multnomah Athletic Foundation and its charitable endeavors.

While the sense of community at MAC might be less tangible, it’s one of the...

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General MAF Information Sessions

Learn more about the Multnomah Athletic Foundation!

Have you been told to check out the Multnomah Athletic Foundation but aren’t sure why? Have you seen our logo around MAC or in the community and want to learn more? That’s great! And we are happy to have you! Each quarter we hold general information sessions for interested parties, new volunteers, potential grant or scholarship partners, potential donors, and generally curious people.

Take an hour out of your evening to learn...