2020 Scholarship Celebration Event Recipients - MAF

Scholarship Celebration Event 2020!

Since we can't hold our Scholarship Celebration Event in person this year, we are bringing the event to the students in the form of Celebration Bags. Our Volunteers are delivering them to students this weekend and we can't wait here back about their deliveries!

While we would usually have a presentation and ceremony to recognize each and every recipients achievement, this video will have to do! So congrats 2020 scholar superstars! We can't wait to see what you do...

2020 Scholarship Celebration Event Update!

These are unprecedented times with lots of emotion. Joy (you graduated or completed the school year), uncertainty (what might school and the world look like in the Fall) and anger/fear/sorrow (current state of the world and our communities). We, at the Foundation, feel all of that and also hope! Because we believe in YOU, your conversations, your actions and your passion will make a vital impact on the world – now and in the future.

We are committed to celebrate YOU. Even though...

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Scholarship Celebration Event

Celebrating past and present Scholarship Recipients.

Each year at the end of summer break we take time to celebrate past and present scholarship recipients of the Multnomah Athletic Foundation. We take over one of the gyms at MAC and turn it into a fun filled celebration and festival of recognition and achievement.

2020 Scholarship Celebration Event exact date and times are still being set, check back in May for more details.