Great partnerships are important in life as well as athletics

The Multnomah Athletic Foundation has a long standing partner in the Multnomah Athletic Club and its membership.MAC_Red_K_typeRGB

In 1991, the Multnomah Athletic Foundation was founded during Multnomah Athletic Club’s centennial anniversary by George Spencer and John Herman. After two decades, the Foundation remains focused on promoting achievement through athletics through community grants, scholarships and athletic events.

Throughout its history, the Foundation has provided financial resources through:
Grants to nonprofit organizations offering programs and services in the Portland metropolitan area, with particular focus on underserved communities.
• Post-secondary Scholarships based on students’ academic performance, athletic participation and financial need for students to attend the two or four-year educational institution of their choice.

The Foundation’s History

The anniversary created an opportunity. A group of friends had an idea. They believed that the spirit of celebration, partnership and community promotes amateur athletics.  We continue into a third decade bringing the dream into reality.

1991  Foundation created as part of the centennial celebration of the Multnomah Athletic Club

1994  First Northwest Shootout All-Star basketball event was held

1995  First Community Grant funded to the Special Olympics

2001  Joe Loprinzi Scholarship establishedJoe_Run_web

2002  James and Marion Miller Scholar Athlete Scholarship Program embraced and managed by the Foundation

2004  Became an Endowment Partner with Oregon Community Foundation

2012  Revised and renewed the community grant guidelines and request process

2013  Brand project completed with new look, new energy and revitalized commitment to the mission

2015 Houser Scholarship established

2016  Celebrated our 25th Anniversary

2016 Emmerson Grant Fund established

2017 The Bud Lewis Grant Fund established