Fay Sasser Employee Scholarship

This scholarship program provides funding for post-secondary education of Multnomah Athletic Club employees or their dependents.

The scholarship recognizes Fay Sasser’s 44 years of exceptional and dedicated service to the members of the Multnomah Athletic Club. The MAC Board of Trustees and the club membership established the scholarship which is managed by the Multnomah Athletic Foundation.

Key Details:
The Sasser Employee scholarship award(s) are given annually to up to three individuals. A qualified scholarship recipient has these qualities:

  1. Enrolled as a part time or full time student;
  2. Employed or the parent/guardian employed at the Multnomah Athletic Club for the last two years;
  3. Exhibits strong character and leadership involvement in their school and community;
  4. Minimum cumulative (unweighted) 2.5 GPA;
  5. Demonstrated financial need or funding gap to attend college or university; and
  6. Enrolled or plan to enroll for the Fall of 2017 in an accredited post secondary school in a course of study that leads to a two-year, four- year or graduate degree.

The scholarship’s application process will be open to all eligible individuals. The scholarship is awarded for one academic year and applicants can reapply each year based on continued eligibility.

Application materials:
Individuals are encouraged to apply beginning February 10, 2017 and the application deadline is May 1, 2017. Applications are reviewed and interviews are completed by a scholarship selection committee of the Multnomah Athletic Foundation. Notification of scholarship awards occurs in mid-June.

  1. Fay Sasser Scholarship Program Eligibility statement
  2. Sasser Scholarship Application