Photo by Craig Mitchelldyer

“Athletics have shown me the importance of hard work and relentless dedication to anything I want to achieve.”

Loprinzi scholar and soccer player Michelle Escobar has channeled a successful athletic career into success in the academic arena as well. She is currently a student at Portland State University studying to become a nurse. However, it’s her balance of sports and academics that embodies the pursuit of achievement through athletics that is at the heart of the Multnomah Athletic Foundation.

Athletics taught Escobar how to stay organized and prioritize work and practice. She learned to approach schoolwork like training for soccer, looking for ways to improve academically and meet deadlines. This has helped her cope with the transition to college, where the schedule is more flexible but the demands are greater. Her athletic training has kept her on track to be the best she can be, whether she is playing soccer or studying for a final.

Escobar continues to play soccer at PSU. Her favorite soccer moment came when she was a senior playing for Jesuit High School in Portland, Oregon. The team won the state championship, a first for Escobar after several years of devastating playoff losses. Escobar felt humbled as the captain to win, but also to do it with a young team that had overcome long odds in a tough playoff run. She continues to strive to improve her game both on and off the field knowing how hard work can lead to success.

Athletics and academics will continue to be an important part of her life. But for now, Escobar is enjoying the newfound freedom of being able to choose which classes – and when she wants to take them.

-Sarah Burczak