Which heroes came forward when we shined our “MAF signal” into the sky, calling out to citizens who make Portland a better place to live with each selfless action they take? Read on to find out!

Eileen Shattuck

Say the name Eileen Shattuck to just about anybody at Children’s Cancer Association, and you’re likely to be met with voluminous praise or possibly just squeals of enthusiasm. Not only is she well known as a Chemo Pal, but she and her husband also have offered up their Bridge City Paddling Club as both a facilitator of team-building experiences and a human-powered fundraising engine.

“Eileen stands out to me as a hero because of her tireless efforts to raise awareness for the Children’s Cancer Association, as well as her relentless giving to the Red Cross,” says fellow MAC employee Matthew Carter. “Eileen donates her blood and platelets as often as the Red Cross will allow her, which is about 20 times a year!”

Shattuck, an accounts payable specialist in MAC’s Business Office, also takes the Polar Plunge every year and volunteers at the Oregon Food Bank, and says of her Everyday Hero award that, “It means everyone can do more in the community.” She’s found that most folks are willing to volunteer if given the opportunity, and so she tries to give as many of her friends and coworkers as possible a gentle nudge toward getting involved.

She credits her mom, who raised 10 kids between the ages of 1 and 14 on her own after her husband passed away, with being her hero. She also is inspired by her former Chemo Pal, and seems to take great energy from being around young people in general. Although, to hear her tell it, it’s the other way around. “Kids gravitate to me. I’m basically a 6-year-old at heart.”

Story by Jake Ten Pas